Go Wireless with your vibration analyzer

Frontier is an accessory product for any Portable Data Collector (PDC) that offers cordless data collection with any
sensor and any instrument. Portable data is collected by removing the cable connecting your PDC to your accelerometer and replacing it with a wireless connection while keeping everything else

The Specifics

How it Works

Frontier is a 2-piece product consisting of a Sender and a Receiver, which are small battery-powered devices used in a pair. The Sender screws directly onto any standard 2-pin ICP/IEPE accelerometer in place of a conventional cable. It powers the accelerometer and captures its output analog signal, and then continuously streams this over a Wi-Fi connection to the Receiver, which feeds the signal into the ordinary analog input connector of any conventional PDC instead of a conventional accelerometer cable. The Receiver can also connect wirelessly to Bluetooth listening headphones to allow you to listen to the vibration signal when collecting data.

Features and Benefits


  • You no longer have to stand by the machine while collecting data.
  • Gain the ability to record in previously difficult places due to the absence of a wire.


  • No wiring or connections to break or fail.
  • Cables will not get dirty.


  • Since you no longer have to constantly worry about cable management, collecting data with Frontier is now simpler and quicker than using a tethered cable.

Audio Support

  • Support for Bluetooth.
  • Listen to the vibration signal as you are recording it.
  • No need for extra wires or extra Listening Amplifiers.


Data Sheets