Bently Nevada

3500 Machinery Protection Systems

The Bently Nevada 3500 Machinery Protection Systems product provides automatic protection value by tripping monitored machines to prevent expensive damage when needed. The 3500 also protects your machines and processes against false-trips which have the potential to bring down your operation, resulting in a potentially costly outage or loss of production.

3500 Series Features

3500 Series Features

  • Interconnected with the System 1 Conditioning and Monitoring Software.
  • Incorporates the most extensive selection of machinery measurement parameters.
  • Software configuration for virtually all machinery monitoring scenarios.
  • Waterproof Housing that protects the 3500 system against a variety of environmental conditions such as excessive moisture, dirt, grime and unclean air.
  • The 3500 system has a colored touch screen display that displays vital 3500 data at the machine or in the control room.

The Visuals

System Display

The 3500/94m VGA Touchscreen Display Module with color touch screen and I/O module displays vital 3500 information at the machine or in the control room. The VGA features 3500 vibration levels, system and alarm event lists along with module, channel and alarm data and nine custom display options. You can you can view data from up to four separate 3500 racks at just one display.

Data Sheets