About Wilcoxon

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of reliable, high-quality vibration monitoring products. Their solutions are at work in predictive maintenance and condition monitoring programs around the world. Wilcoxon designs and manufactures a wide range of accelerometers, 4-20mA vibration transmitters and loop-powered sensors, velocity sensors, cable & connector assemblies, cementing pads and mounting studs, enclosures, handheld vibration meters and supportive instrumentation, and more. Their solutions are built to last, helping you effectively monitor rotating machinery in industrial, underwater and defense applications.

Why Choose Wilcoxon?

Features and Benefits

High Measurement Performance
Wilcoxon sensors guarantee technical performance across a wide range of operating conditions and environments. Their sensors lead the market in electromagnetic interference (EMI) resistance, ensuring accurate vibration measurements.

Designed For A Lifetime Of Reliable Use
Wilcoxon sensors are designed to last the life of your machine (MTBF > 25 years). They age their piezoceramics to stabilize sensor performance, ensuring measured changes in vibration are a result of machine changes, not sensor drift. Our sensors are hermetically sealed to prevent failures in wet or humid environments.

High Quality And Enviornmental Responsibility
Certification to ISO 9000 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management standards ensure the highest product quality while minimizing impact to the environment.


Machine Applications

  • General machines – motors, pumps, gearboxes, generators, fans, compressors
  • High-speed machines – CNC machining, grinding, turbomachinery
  • Low-speed machines – extruders, conveyors | low frequency, high sensitivity sensors
  • High vibration applications – mills, aggregate processing machines, recip compressors
  • High temperature environments – dryers, boilers, turbomachinery
  • Underwater & washdown applications – submersible pumps, mixers
  • Hazardous area applications – oil & gas processing machines
  • High electromagnetic interference (EMI) environments – wind turbines, power generators
  • Low-frequency (seismic) applications – towers, cranes, structural applications
  • High pressure environments – downhole, deep-water sensing

Stock, Specifications and Supply

Part Availability

For more information about part availability, please contact Reliability Controls. More information on Wilcoxon parts will be released shortly.

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