Bently Nevada

System 1 Condition Monitoring Software

  • Plant-Wide Machine Health Monitoring and Asset Protection System.
  • State based alarms that detect changes in the conditions before failure occurs.
  • Built in data replication and data diode support that allows System 1 data to be transferred securely over both internal and public networks. So your data is available whenever and wherever you need it.

System 1 has a connected platform capable of linking with a large variety of industry leading machinery monitoring and protection hardware, vibration sensors and sensor platforms. Users have real-time access to the machine asset health data, this allows for improvement in plant productivity and machine reliability. 

The System 1 Advantage

Data Collection, Management and Health

Machine Data Collection

System 1’s versatile and flexible design allows for broad access to machine, process and controls data. Data from Bently Nevada’s machine monitoring systems combine with data from other sources around the plant provide a hollistic plant-wide view of the health of your assets.

Machine Health and Data Management

The System 1 Condition monitoring software uses intelligent data management software by combining to key capabilities. The first is state-based collection which allows data to be collected at different rates based on different machine operating modes. The second is data thinning algorithms, which periodically collect and summarize historical data into smaller data sets with fewer data points. This reduces the memory normally required, allowing for years of overall storage capacity.

Flexible and Secure data transference

System 1 supports the industry-standard OPC UA protocol for export of waveforms, trends and alarm data to other data systems, data lakes and analytics platforms. The System 1 software has built-in data replication and data diode support to allow system 1 data to be transferred safely over public and internal networks.

What does it Work With?


  • Orbit 60 Series Machinery and Condition Monitoring Device
  • 3500 Machinery Protection and Monitoring Device
  • vbOnline Pro Scanning Conditioning and Monitoring Device
  • Ranger Pro Wireless Condition and Monitoring Device
  • Scout 220-IS and Scout 240-IS

*The System 1 Condition monitoring Software also works with a variety of other products. Many of which are listed on the Bently Nevada website.

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