Bently Nevada

Ranger Pro Wireless Vibration

The Ranger Pro wireless condition monitoring sensor provides, online condition monitoring data that is critical to an effective predictive maintenance program. Along with being a vibration sensor, the Ranger Pro allows for 24/7 monitoring of velocity, acceleration, and temperature plus timebase waveforms, spectra, and PeakDemod spectrum on important machine assets.

More About the Ranger Pro

Software Benefits

  • Integrated completely with System 1 condition monitoring software.
  • Compatible with other third party software programs as well.
  • System 1 software combined with the ranger pro allows for seamless and customizable machine health data program.


  • Long lasting battery life
  • Up to five years (in some configurations)
  • Long battery life means increased protection and condition monitoring for all of your machinery.


  • Wireless (star or mesh), battery-powered, and compact (88mm by 40mm), the Ranger Pro Wireless vibration sensor can be set up in either uniaxial or tri-axial vibration detection configurations with temperature and can be provisioned and configured over the air.

Cost Effective

  • Remote data collection saves time that the employee would normally take in their “reporting by walking around” time.
  • Ranger Pro Wireless system will save you labor costs, erroneous diagnoses, and unplanned production outages.


  • The compact, wireless design combined with extended battery life makes the Ranger Pro the obvious choice for “ease of installation.”

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